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Dickens, an English novelist, said: "Evil, often short-lived, must perish with the wicked, and good will live forever." Everyone will do wrong, as if guilty, ashamed, is a virtue. Because people will have a sense of shame, there must be a Chongshanzhixin.
There is such a little story: a boy just got on the bus to wait for his mother, his mother did not come a minute later, the car began to complain, the child's mother wasted everyone's time, then , The child's mother limped to the car, all quiet down.
When we look at the story, is our attention focused on the passengers in the car? Why are they silent? It is a comforting story because I did not know that my mother was disabled and blamed others for being wrong. , Because passengers are aware of their own mistakes, but also for their own actions feel ashamed. It can be said that when they complain about slow-moving mothers, the kindness of their hearts has not yet recovered, but when their eyes see disabled mothers walking hard, their deep-rooted goodness is activated. This is gratifying.
It is a virtue to forgive others' mistakes; to ignore oneself is a bad habit. Passengers on the bus did not wait for others to remind themselves can be introspective, they chose to admit their mistakes, to others to understand, in the silence was ashamed, this is a noble virtue.
"People are not saints, who can not be too? You can change, good Mo great!" Confucius said.

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